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€ 919,60
€ 760,00 ex. 21% VAT

Synology Virtual Machine Manager PRO-7NODE 3 year licence

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  • 3 year lincense
  • VMM Pro-functions
  • 7-Node

Product Description VMMPRO-7NODE-S3Y

Virtual Machine Manager Pro
With a license for Synology Virtual Machine Manager Pro, you can fully utilize VMM's cluster infrastructure. Benefit from migration and flexible scaling options for load distribution and resource allocation. VMM has a license per cluster size and offers different options to meet different needs.

License plan
There are Virtual Machine Manager Pro licenses (VMM Pro) for 3-Node and 7-Node. You can create a VMM cluster with up to 7 NAS systems from Synology. Each license activates VMM Pro functions for a cluster for a period of one year. The license can not be returned after it has been activated.

  • Check the compatibility of your Synology NAS with VMM before purchasing this license.
  • This license can be applied to only one VMM of Synology at a time.
  • Purchased licenses can be migrated.
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Supported operating system Windows, Linux and Virtual DSM
Cluster management Yes
CPU overcommit Physical CPU threads x4
Max. virtual switches 4096
Max. snapshots per VM 255
Links for sharing VM per host 16
Plan for remote replication Yes
Storage migration Yes
Run VM on remote host Yes
High Availability Yes
Live migration Yes
QoS settings Yes

Did you notice a wrong specification? Please let us know.

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