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Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router

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  • Convenient functions for parental control
  • Easily set up a MESH network
  • Protect your other devices connected to the internet, such as IP cameras and alarm systems
  • Manage usage via an application on your mobile phone (iOs / Android)

Product Description MR2200ac

Embrace a whole Wi-Fi coverage in your home and office with the intelligent Synology Mesh Router MR2200ac. Designed with Tri-Band and MU-MIMO technology, MR2200ac makes sure your devices are on the fastest bandwidth dedicated to an optimized performance while keeping multiple devices reliably connected without any delay. Besides, you can enjoy the best Wi-Fi seamless roaming with a single Wi-Fi name among your modular mesh system. Safe Access provides easy-to-use parental management while keeping away any malicious intrusions. Synology MR2200ac is backed by Synology’s 2-year limited warranty.

Brilliant mesh system ready for smart home To build a mesh system, simply extend an existing RT2600ac Wi-Fi network with an additional MR2200ac or integrate multiple MR2200ac mesh routers. The single Wi-Fi name you set allows you to roam from room to room: you can now stream a movie without the signal dropping and enjoy an extraordinary seamless roaming experience. With its Tri-band technology on one 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands featuring MU-MIMO support, MR2200ac establishes three separated connections and allows accommodation to extra devices to achieve maximum Wi-Fi speeds and reduces congestion. Smart Connect ensures devices are automatically connected to the most suitable band to reach the optimal connection performance - this greatly reduces any delays and interruption. Guest network provides a secure connection and gives public and temporary visitors only limited permission - this keeps the primary network properly functioning and well protected. You can also set up a welcome portal for everyone connecting to your guest Wi-Fi. Tools including scheduling, auto password change, and MAC address filtering also help prevent unwanted connections. With MR2200ac supporting Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), simply press one button to allow your Wi-Fi connection to be automatically configured and enjoy a hassle-free setup. Coupled with the attached USB 3.0 port available for extra storage devices, MR2200ac can easily become your private server that provides effortless access and file sharing.

Revolutionary software experience
Built with security and stability in mind, Synology Router Manager (SRM) allows for friendly management on your device. The familiar, desktop-like interface makes it easy to use, and also comes with capable network tools that users can quickly setup, customize or efficiently troubleshoot issues. Secure and convenient access options are built into SRM. Easily manage your network with multiple access methods remotely with QuickConnect, DDNS, or with DS router on mobile devices. Optional two-step authentication ensures that no one but you can make changes to your network. 

Redefine parental control
In view of limiting Internet usage and protecting children from online dangers, the add on package Safe Access allows you to easily understand the Internet habits of children at different ages.

  • Profile management: Set rules by users instead of devices with User Profiles to streamline your management. Your Local Network and Guest Wi-Fi can also be specified in one group. Time management: Internet schedules and Time Quota help you encourage children to use time wisely, and learn to be more organized and productive with limited time online. 
  • Web-filtering: The constantly updated block categories help you filter out inappropriate content and safeguard your children. Besides, you can set up additional whitelists or blacklists so children can only visit or be blocked from specific sites. 
  • Website history: Easily keep track of the access history of each profile and learn more details about your children’s online activities. 

Advanced VPN capabilities 
With the VPN Plus Server1 add-on package, you can transform your Synology Mesh Router MR2200ac into a powerful yet intuitive comprehensive VPN solution. VPN Plus Server provides security and convenience to your remote workforce when you need remote access to internal network resources. WebVPN allows client-free VPN for secured, remote access to internal websites using only a browser without any software installation or configuration required on clients. Synology SSL VPN is available with dedicated clients on both desktop and mobile platforms. Remote Desktop allows employees to easily and securely access resources on their PCs within the internal network through a web browser. VPN Plus Server also supports hosting standard SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP over IPSec VPN options. Moreover, Site-to-Site VPN2 increases business productivity by boosting cross-premises file transfer speeds for companies with branches in multiple locations, allowing them to share resources across different networks through encrypted tunnels without the need for employees to configure VPN settings on individual computers.

Solid network foundation
Synology MR2200ac offers advanced security features that help make your network more resilient against network intrusions. SRM's built-in Security Advisor will analyze and remind you of security issues in your configuration, allowing you to easily setup security configurations. In addition to the built-in IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls, the DNS/IP Threat Intelligence Database of Safe Access also helps prevent malicious attacks from infiltrating and compromising your devices. 

Comprehensive network management
To deal with heavy network traffic from multiple applications, SRM offers well designed traffic management solutions. Traffic control keeps you updated in the real-time with detailed information of each application and device, while also allowing you to define the priority of services with application QoS and the guaranteed bandwidth allocation of devices. Thanks to the automatically generated Network Traffic Report, you can easily track the detailed event logs and recent traffic trends. The report duration can be defined from daily to annual according to your needs, flexibly assisting you in network tuning on specific applications and each device. 

Comprehensive file sharing, management, and connectivity
Comprehensive sharing capabilities together with the add-on package Cloud Station Server allows you to create your personal cloud storage with ease. Easily backup, share, and sync your files with MR2200ac from multiple devices. With a capable Media Server package, your MR2200ac can serve as a media server to any smart television set, networked set-top-box, or the latest gaming consoles. DNS server also helps you find web pages, computers, or other network devices at ease by translating domain names into IP addresses. Featuring a USB port, Synology MR2200ac can effortlessly transfer files from USB devices or other clients in the network. MR2200ac supports Time Machine backup with an attached storage device. You can also connect MR2200ac to your mobile devices, enable USB tethering, and allow MR2200ac to access the Internet via 3G/4G network. 

Evolving Software and Platform
SRM and its ecosystem is constantly growing. Synology is dedicated to providing not just security updates but new features with core software improvements, additional add-on packages, and new supporting mobile applications. Stay up to date with our improvements on our website and via our newsletters!

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2,4 GHz Wifi speed 400 Mbps
5 GHz-1 Wifi speed 867 Mbps
5 GHz-2 Wifi speed 867 Mbps
Ethernet ports 2
Ethernet Speed Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps)
USB ports 1 x USB 3.0
Wi-Fi Security WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, WPA2/WPA3-Personal, WPS 2.0, WPA3-Personal/Enterprise, Wi-Fi Enhanced Open (OWE)
WiFi bands Simultaneous tri-band
WiFi standards Wireless A, AC, B, G, N
Warranty 2 year
EAN Code 4711174723010

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CPU Quad Core 717 MHz
Memory DDR3 256 MB
Antenna type 2T2R high-performance internal antenna (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
LAN Port 1 x Gigabit
WAN Port 1 x Gigabit
External port USB 3.0
Size (HxWxD) 154 x 199 x 65 mm
AC input power voltage 100V to 240V AC
Power frequency 50 to 60Hz, single phase
Operating temperature 5°C to 40°C (40°F - 104°F)
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C (-5°F to 140°F)
Relative humidity 5% to 95% RH
Maximum operating altitude 5,000 m (16,400 ft)
Wireless standards 802.11a/n/ac 5 GHz-1/ 5 GHz-2, 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz, simultaneous tri-band
Frequency and data rate 2.4 GHz: 400 Mbps
5 GHz-1: 867 Mbps
5 GHz-2: 867 Mbps
Wireless security WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 2.0, WPA3-Personal/Enterprise certified, Wi-Fi Enhanced Open certified
Seamless roaming 802.11k/v/r standard support
Other wireless functions Smart Connect - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz automatic band steering, Independent 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Wi-Fi schedule On / Off
Guest Network - Wi-Fi schedule On / Off
Operation Modes Wireless router
Wireless AP
DHCP Server, client, client list, address reservation
Quality of Service Dedicated bandwidth management
Port forwarding DMZ, UPnP
Traffic control Per-device Internet ban, custom speed, traffic monitoring, domain history and advanced usage reporting
Network tools Ping, Traceroute, Wake on LAN over QuickConnect
Security IPv4, IPv6 Firewall / SPI firewall, auto block, denial of service (DoS) protection, VPN passthrough (PPTP, IPSec, L2TP), MAC address filter, website filter, IP block, Google Safe Browsing, Google/Youtube/Bing SafeSearch, server certificate, Security Advisor, two-factor authentication
VPN client PPTP, OpenVPN™, L2TP over IPSec
IPv6 support IPv6 DHCP server / client, DS-Lite, 6in4, 6to4, 6rd, Dual-Stack, DHCPv6-PD, IPv6 Relay, FLET's IPv6
Backup solutions Backup & restore SRM configuration, Time Machine support (with attached USB storage device)
Notifications Email, SMS, push notifications (via DS router)
File Service CIFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV
FTP server Bandwidth control for TCP connections, custom FTP passive port range, anonymous FTP, FTP SSL / TLS and SFTP protocols, transfer logs
iOS / Android applications DS cloud, DS file, DS router, VPN Plus
Anywhere access Synology QuickConnect, Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Printer support Maximum printer: 1, printing protocols: LPR, CIFS, IPP
Advanced functions Policy route, static route, network address translation (NAT), SNMP, SSH, LAN / WLAN IGMP snooping, PPPoE relay
Supported clients Windows 7 onward, Mac OS X 10.11 onward
Supported browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 onwards, Safari 11 onwards; Safari (iOS 11 onwards), Chrome (Android 6.0 onwards)
Language English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Dansk, Norsk, Svensk, Nederlands, Polski, Magyar,Português do Brasil, Português Europeu, Türkçe, eský,
Add-on Packages
VPN Plus Server Allows secure VPN access through a web browser or client. Supports various VPN services — WebVPN, Synology SSL VPN, SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec, and PPTP. Remote Desktop provides remote access within internal network through a web browser. Site-to-Site VPN2 provides companies to establish encrypted tunnels between the networks in multiple locations
Safe Access Offers a simple interface to manage children's online access by creating different profiles and imposing Internet schedules, time quota, and web filters. Delivers solid network protection against intrusions with the DNS-based web filter with a built-in database and Google SafeSearch
Cloud Station Server Sync data from multiple platforms, centralizing it on the router while easily keeping historical versions of important files
RADIUS Server Provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for wireless network access
DNS Server Help users to find, or translate domain names into IP addresses
Download Station Supported download protocols: BT/HTTP/FTP/NZB/eMule, maximum concurrent download task: 50
Media Server (DLNA / UPnP) Provide multimedia streaming service to DLNA certified devices and PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One consoles
Certifications and Packaging
Standards RoHS Compliant; Wi-Fi certified; compliant with CE, FCC, NCC, BSMI, IC, IMDA, TELEC, JATE, VCCI, KCC, RCM standards
Package content MR2200ac main unit
AC power adapter
RJ-45 LAN cable
Quick Installation Guide
Warranty 2 years

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