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iWalk Scorpion 8000mAh Powerbank Zwart

not available anymore
  • 8000mAh Power bank
  • 3 integrated cables: Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB charging cable
  • MFI - Apple Certified
  • Pass-through function

Product Description T08-001A

Slim universal power bank with built-in Lightning, Micro USB, and USB charging cable!

The iWalk Scorpion8000 is a handy 8000mAh power bank with three built-in cables: Lightning cable, micro-USB cable, and USB charging cable. With the built-in USB charger cable, the Scorpion can easily charge without an extra separate charging cable. All of the Scorpion's built-in output and input cables feature pass-through technology that allows the power bank to be used as a complete charging cable between devices and a charger. By means of the pass-trough technology, the power bank and up to 2 devices are charged simultaneously with the built-in cables.

On the front of the Scorpion is a status light that shows how much energy is still available in the power bank. The 8000 mAh power bank is MFI certified and suitable for charging iOS devices.


Type External battery
Battery capacity 8000mAh mAh
Number of USB connections 2
Quickcharge not applicable
Wireless charging No
Integrated cables Yes
Charging devices Lightning out, Micro-USB
Charging power bank Lightning IN
Max. Ampère 2.4A A
EAN Code 6952015418704

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Product name Scorpion 8000
Model No. UBT8000-001A
Capacity 8000mAh (3.7V/29.6Wh)
Colour black
DC-IN 5V/1 .0-2.4A
DC-OUT 5V/0.5-2.4A
Dimensions 142 x 70 x 15mm

Did you notice a wrong specification? Please let us know.