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Synology 25Gbe Ethernet PCIe Adapter

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Product Description E25G21-F2

The Synology E25G21-F2 is a dual-port 25GbE SFP28 network interface card that lets you boost network bandwidth and performance. Handle higher quantities of data traffic for increased users and the most data-intensive workloads.


  • FS series:FS6400, FS3600, FS3400, FS3017, FS2017, FS1018
  • SA series:SA3600, SA3400, SA3200D
  • UC series:UC3200
  • 21 series:RS4021xs+, RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs, RS1221RP+, RS1221+, DS1821+, DS1621xs+, DS1621+, RS2421(RP)+, RS2821RP+
  • 19 series:RS1619xs+
  • 18 series:RS3618xs, DS3018xs
  • 17 series:RS18017xs+, RS4017xs+, RS3617xs+, RS3617RPxs, DS3617xs


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Kind of accessoire RAM module
Warranty 5 year

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Host Bus Interface PCIe 3.0 x8
Bracket Height Low Profile and Full Height
Size (Height x Width x Depth) 69 mm x 168 mm x 17.3 mm
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C (32F to 104F)
Storage Temperature -20C to 60C (-5F to 140F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH
Warranty 5 Years
Notes The warranty period starts from the purchase date as stated on your purchase receipt. (Learn more)
IEEE Specification Compliance IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation
IEEE 802.3ae 10Gbps Ethernet
IEEE 802.3by 25Gbps Ethernet
Data Transfer Rates 25 Gbps
Supported Features TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO)
Large Send Offload (LSO)
Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
Generic Receive Offload (GRO)
Generic Segmentation Offload (GSO)
1.5 - 9 KB Jumbo Frame
Offloaded storage over Ethernet
Non-offloaded storage over Ethernet
Auto-negotiation between 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s
TCP/UDP Checksum Offload
Transmit side scaling (TSS)

Did you notice a wrong specification? Please let us know.

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