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  • Portable power pack with internal Li-ion battery
  • Using only the best battery cells which are made in Japan
  • 5V charging source for mobile devices such as Smartphones, Table
  • Dual USB port output design to charge 2 devices at the same time

Product Description IB-PBa7800

The IB-PBa7800 is a portable power pack device with internal Li-ion batteries which provides a charging source for you daily used mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet devices, digital cameras, and other gadgets that can be charged with standard USB 5 V power.

With IB-PBa7800 you can charge your devices on the road at anytime and anyplace without worrying about their battery running low.

IB-PBa7800 provides two USB 5 V with maximum 1.2 A and 2.1 A output allows most of the mobile device and tablet devices to charge fast and fully and you can charge 2 devices at the same time.


Type External battery
Battery capacity 7800 mAh
Number of USB connections Yes
Package content 1x IB-PBa7800, 1x USB 2.0 cable (A-type zu B-type), 1x users manual
Warranty 2 year
EAN Code 4250078187394

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Technical Data
Model: IB-PBa7800
Article No.: 70801
EAN Code: 4250078187394
Brand: ICY BOX
Category: iPhone, iPad, C
Colour: Black
Material: Plastic (PC/ABS)
Charging Controller: EUTECH EUP8051A
PWM Controller: AnaNavi AN3202 + Feeling Tech FP6293
Battery Protect IC: SEIKO S8211
Battery Cell: 3x Sanyo UR18650ZY 2600 mAh (7800 mAh)
Power output: 2x USB 2.0 A Typ female
1x 5 V/1,2 A max connector and
1x 5 V/2,1 A max connector
Output watt: 16,5 W
Output voltage: DC 5 V
Charging input: 1x USB 2.0 Micro B Typ female
Rated input voltage: DC 5 V
Rated input current: 1 A
Charging input port: USB 2.0 Micro B Typ female connection (5 V/1 A max)
Cell over-charge protection Trigger: Voltage 4.28 V (�0.025 V)
Detection delay time 0.96~1.40 sec
Recover: Plug in charging power to rese
Cell over-discharge protection Trigger: Voltage 3.00 V (�0.05 V)
Detection delay time 150 m-sec (�45 m-sec)
Recover: Plug in charging power to reset
Trigger: Voltage 0.10 V (�0.015 V)
Cell over-current protection Detection delay time 9 m-sec (�3 m-sec)
Recover: Auto recover
Environmental condition Operation Temperature 0~40 �C /
Humidity 5%~95%
Storage Temperature -20~60 �C /
Humidity 5%~95%
Packing content: 1x IB-PBa7800 1x USB 2.0 cable (A-type zu B-type) 1x users manual
Logistic Data
Packing unit: 40 pcs/carton
Total weight: 14 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing): 0.290 kg
Net weight: 0.190 kg
Dimension/carton: 110x41x211 mm
Dimension of packing box: 490x406x263 mm
Dimension of article: 65.4x23.7x107 mm
Country of origin: Taiwan
Import tax: 85076000

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