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250GB Western Digital Endurastar J4K320 HEJ423225H9E300

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  • Format 2,5''
  • Rugged, Durable Design
  • High operating altitude range of up to 5500 meters
  • Wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C
  • Automotive application

Product Description 0A60316

Large Capacity, Robust Features for Extreme Environments
Western Digital delivers an industry-leading 250GB capacity in its latest Endurastar® line of 2.5-inch hard drives designed especially for extreme environments. The EndurstarJ4K320 models provide up to three times the capacity of their predecessors and are built to operate at altitudes of up to 5500 meters. The EndurastarJ4K320 is designed for the most severe conditions, with an operating temperature range of -30ºC to +85ºC.The drives are offered in a SATA 1.5Gb/s interface and leverage Advanced Format, which increases the physical sector size on hard drives from 512 bytes to 4096 (4K) bytes to increase drive capacities and improve error correction capabilities. Consult the Western Digital Advanced Format Technology Brief for more information on using these hard drives.
Right Choice for the Road
Endurastar hard drives are built to meet the rigors of the automotive environment and are ideal to support automotive applications including navigation, telematics, in-car entertainment and vehicle relational management. Leveraging a proven 6th generation platform, the Endurastar J4K320 delivers the right blend of capacity and performance to meet the needs of extreme conditions found in automotive environments.
Rugged, Durable Design
These new Endurastar drives leverage time-proven technologies pioneered on Western Digitals hard drives for notebook PCs to deliver quiet acoustics and robust performance. FDB motors provide quiet operation, and Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) enhances reliability by maintaining more consistent spacing between the read/write head and the disk and compensates for variations caused by altitude and temperature changes. Perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology on EndurastarJ4K320 delivers excellent soft error rates for improved reliability and performance under even the harshest environmental conditions. All models come standard with proven shock sensortechnology and enhanced humidity absorption for superior reliability.

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Size 2,5"
Hight of 2,5" disk 9,5 mm
Capacity 250 GB
Interface SATA I (1.5Gb/s)
Cache 8 MB
Rotations 4260 RPM
Warranty 3 year
EAN Code 8717306631358

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Interface SATA 1.5Gb/s
Capacity (GB) 250
Sector size (variable, Bytes/sector) 512e
Recording zones 31
Data Heads (physical) 2
Data Disks 1
Max Areal Density (Gbits/sq. in.) 425
Data Buffer (MB) 8
Rotational Speed (RPM) 4260
Latency Average (ms) 7.04
Media transfer rate (Mbits/sec, max) 750
Interface transfer rate (MB/sec, max) 150
Seek Time (read, ms, typical) 13
Error Rate (non-recoverable, bits read) < 1 per 10^13 bits transferred
Load/Unload Cycles 600
Idle (Bels) 2.4
Operational (Bels, typical) 3.0
Requirement +5 VDC (+/-5%)
Startup (W, peak, max) 6.5
Read/Write (W, avg) 2.15
Low power idle (W, avg) 0.8
Standby (W, avg) 0.2
Sleep (W) 0.14
Physical size
Z-Height (mm) 9.5
Dimensions (width x depth, mm) 69.85 x 100.2
Weight (g, max) 97
Environmental (operating)
Ambient temperature -30° to 85° C
Shock (half-sine wave) 300G (2ms)
Altitude (m) -300 to 5,500
Vibration (5 to 500 Hz) Up to 3G (10-500Hz)
Environmental (non-operating)
Ambient temperature -40° to 95° C
Shock (half-sine wave) 800G (1ms)
Altitude (m) -300 to 15,000
Vibration (5 to 500 Hz) Up to 5G (10-500Hz)

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